Hard Tissue Laser in Bainbridge, NY

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Hard Tissue Laser in Bainbridge, NY

What is a Hard Tissue Laser?

Laser technology has come a long way and is helping to improve the way that dentistry is performed. In our office, we are able to use a hard tissue laser that eradicates areas of decay and removes tooth surface for procedures like crowns and bridges. Because laser technology is so safe and effective, no anesthetic is even required. This prevents the pain of an injection as well as the sound and vibrations of a dental drill.

Why is a Hard Tissue Laser needed?

The most common use for a hard tissue laser is to remove decay from one or more teeth. Because lasers work so quickly and effectively, we are able to treat multiple teeth at the same time and place several fillings without the need for additional appointments. You may even benefit from hard tissue laser technology when coming into the office for crowns and bridge work. We are able to remove tooth structure so that the crown or bridge can be placed more effectively.

Who is a candidate for Hard Tissue Laser treatment?

Every patient coming into our office can benefit from hard tissue laser treatment. Because no injections are required, it's safe and beneficial for children as well as adults. You will experience fewer vibrations and sounds because no traditional drill is being used. We offer this technology to anyone and everyone who would like to benefit from it.

What happens during a procedure using a Hard Tissue Laser?

The procedure begins by sitting you comfortably in one of our examination rooms. We then remove any decayed area from the tooth. There is no anesthetic involved and there are no vibrations involved when the laser is in use. Once enough of the tooth's surface has been removed, we will place the filling or take impressions for the crown or bridge. The procedure is quicker and easier because there is no wait time while the area is numbed, and many of our patients find that it is a lot more comfortable when compared to a traditional dental drill.

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What is a Hard Tissue Laser?

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