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My First Visit

During your first visit, the more documentation you bring in, the sooner we can fill out your enrollment. Make sure to also include any lists of supplements, ointments, and vitamins, accompanied by their current dosages.

At this point, you may then receive some helpful documentation that lets you see the exact state of your teeth, which can then be safeguarded in the dental computer system should you choose to continue with us.

Some of these status documents include:

Unique digital photographs taken of the external surface of each tooth, demonstrating the tooth’s overall cleanliness and health status, in addition to the health of the gumline.

Digital radiographs or x-rays showing the internal structure of each tooth, as well as the health of the overall oral bone quality

You can also feel free to present any past or current photographs from bitewing x-rays, so long as they were taken less than a year ago, or even any bigger panoramic photos of x-rays, provided that these were taken less than three years ago.

If we have made an excellent first impression on your first visit with Bainbridge Dental Services, we can move on to scheduling your very first appointment, a professional cleaning done to make sure that your teeth are at their optimal health. Dr. Gifford will arrange a personal appointment with you to answer any follow-up questions you may have and check that you are satisfied with premium, personalized service.

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