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The term “extraction” can be a frightening one. When we hear this phrase, our minds tend to make connotations with other dangerous “extractions” – prisoners of war being extracted from a torture chamber, trapped workers being lifted out from a collapsed coal mine. The idea of extracting something is usually negative and frightening, but at Michelle A. Gifford DDS, PLLC we are here to tell you that it doesn’t have to be.

If you are considering extractions and preservation services in Bainbridge, it is important to remember that this process is actually about rescue and hope. Whether you require the removal of wisdom or crowded teeth, or root canals for decayed or infected teeth, Dr. Gifford will skillfully perform the process that will best preserve your comfort and your smile. You do not have to be afraid of extractions any more with her at your side.

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Individualizing Your Extraction Needs

Every rescue scenario is different. When a firefighter enters a burning building to rescue a civilian, he or she must come up with a distinct plan of extraction, depending on the layout of the house, the type of fire, the victim’s location, and the spread of the flame. Similarly, we know that everyone’s dental needs are distinct. You might require a single method of extraction or need a combination of a few methods. Whatever your requirement, we have you covered.

The three primary methods of extraction consist of:

  • Extractions – Sometimes, it is important to remove one or more teeth in order to make room for the others, or to keep a tooth that is infected from spreading the pain and swelling to other teeth. In this scenario, a minor surgery can settle the discomfort once and for all.
  • Oral Surgery – In addition to your actual teeth, sometimes the surrounding areas of your gums or underlying bone structure may be affected. During these situations, a small process of surgical techniques can repair your oral structure and lining, so that not just your teeth but your entire mouth is back to functioning optimally.
  • Root Canals – Despite their reputation, root canals are not major, agonizing bouts of surgery, but designed to give you instant relief. By tackling the nerve sending excruciating pain signals to your brain, and by filling dangerous infected teeth with sealer, Dr. Gifford can provide you with the comfort and release of pain you’ve been craving. Contact us today to learn more about our Bainbridge root canal treatments.

Rescue, Repair & Recovery

Remember that it is important to keep in mind that any extraction procedure is designed not to hurt you but to actually rescue your teeth and provide long-lasting relief from any present and future pain. Delaying seeing your dentist for tooth extractions and preservation in Bainbridge will not magically resolve your teeth issues, but only make them more complex, and cost your comfort and well-being in the process. The sooner you get in touch with us at Michelle A. Gifford DDS, PLLC, the sooner we can use the most modern techniques of providing the safest and least invasive form of tooth care possible.

Contact us now at (607) 225-2104 so that our experienced team can set you on the road to recovery.

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  • So Glad I Found These Folks!

    “So glad I found these folks! They are thorough, professional, friendly, helpful — heck, they even opened on a Sunday when I had an emergency.”

    - Andrew K
  • Patient-Centered

    “Dr. Gifford and the entire staff are patient-centered...our comfort and our health. They are efficient, effective, kind and compassionate and very skilled at keeping us in good dental health.”

    - Vanessa W
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    “The results were very positive. It had a calm and peaceful atmosphere that made me feel comfortable. Every appointment has improved the quality of my teeth greatly.”

    - Robert M
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    “Thorough, professional, great work, and friendly staff — this is the dental office you've been waiting for. From the cleanings to "drill and fill," it's been a wonderful experience”

    - Andrew K
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    “Went for a clean and check today. It sounds odd to say that a dental visit was a great experience but it was. I expect to be stressed but Dr Gifford and the whole staff makes me feel as relaxed as possible.”

    - Vanessa L

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